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"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those  
            who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."       
- Franklin D. Roosevelt                            
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Index to Civil Rights Materials & Pleadings

Civil Rights Det_Reg_Comment.pdf
Special registration litigation: American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee v. Ashcroft: Class action complaint
Civil Rights DetainNoChargeReg.pdf
Interim INS regulation authorizing indefinite detention of persons without charge or hearing.
Civil Rights DOJ_Atty-ClientReg.pdf
DOJ regulation authorizing monitoring of attorney-client communications.
Civil Rights MilitaryTribunals.pdf
Executive Order providing that certain non-citizens accused of terrorism be tried in military courts.
Civil Rights PATRIOT_summary.pdf
AILA summary of immigration-related provisions of USA PATRIOT Act.
Civil Rights Post-RemovalDet.Regs.pdf
Post-Zadykas INS regulation re: detention following final order of removal.
Civil Rights Pre-RemovalDet.Regs.pdf
Interim INS regulation providing for automatic stay of immigration judge's decision order release of detainee pending INS appeal.
Civil Rights FOIA_policy.pdf
Attorney General directive encouraging DOJ agencies to withhold information sought under FOIA whenever possible.
Civil Rights ADC_Complaint.pdf
Special registration litigation: American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee v. Ashcroft: Class action complaint

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